Choosing a Moving Company

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Moving statistics confirm most people start moving to new homes around May. So if you too are planning to move to a new home, you need to start looking for those cardboard boxes. However, before you start packing your valuables, you need to think about how you intend to move, which means you need a plan. The best way to go about planning a smooth move is to enlist the services of a moving company.

Tips for choosing the right mover

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If you do not have a moving company in mind, the chances are that you might be doing a Google search to see which options you have. You will undoubtedly get lots of them, which will further complicate the moving process. So how do you choose the right mover? Here are some handy tips that will help you make an informed choice.

Check their reputation

The reputation of a moving company serves to give you an idea of what to expect. A great reputation will save you time and money. This explains why you never get someone complain about a company with excellent services but high fees.

Experience matters

How long has the moving company been in business? You should have this question answered right from the onset. Ideally, experience is a good indicator that the company as all it takes to remain in the business for a long time. However, they also need to back up their experience with positive reviews and services guarantees for you to be assured of impeccable services.

Look for their license

There are different types of moving licenses. If you moving from one neighborhood to another one within the same state, the moving company should have a state license. On the other hand, if you are relocating to an entirely new state in the US, the company should be licensed to for state-to-state movements. You can always confirm their licensing status by making an online search.


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Never use a moving company without a license or an insurance policy irrespective of how much you trust them. In case the claim to satisfy these requirements, make an effort of verifying these details online. If they are insured, also look at what is covered and what is not. In case they are not insured but licensed, you might consider taking some supplemental moving insurance.

These moving tips should improve your chances of getting reliable mover. As a tip, you also need to get some moving quotes before choosing to avoid unnecessary surprises.

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