Pressure Washer – How to Pick the Perfect One

pressure washer

The right pressure washer is liberating, and it determines whether the water pressure you get will just be enough to push things around or it will allow you to wash anything. Many people have pressure washers with sufficient pressure to fill eight gallons of water every minute and an equivalent of five gallons when the pressure nozzle is on, but that is about it. They lack the required power to do anything and end up doing very slow jobs or no job at all at home. The reality is that either they underestimated the needs for pressure washing or they picked the wrong tool for the job. Here are tips on how to pick the perfect pressure washer.

Check pressure specification

pressure washer buying guideYour water pressure washer must do one thing very well. It must transform your normal flow of water into a very high-pressure water stream allowing you to force dirt and debris off other materials during the cleaning process. The high pressure of between 1000 PSI to 4000 PSI is what you need to be looking for at the bare minimum as you shop around for an appropriate machine to help you with your business or home cleaning. High pressure alone is not enough. You also need the right amount of water to go with it. The machines provide a specification identified as the cleaning unit. It gives you an idea of the available water at a time when using the system. According to a post about pressure washer buying, when you double the cleaning unit it implies that you are getting twice the amount of water at the same pressure and this can make cleaning must faster.

Consider the workload

Your workload affects your preferred choice for the washer. There are three main categories. There is the consumer unit that will have 1000 to 4000 PSI with 1400 to 16000 cleaning units (CU). The semi-pro unit will have double the specifications, and the professional unit will be the most capable unit with additional options of setting the water temperature at cold, warm, or hot. The prices of these units will also vary with the workload they can handle. The consumer unit may have price ranges from $110 to $210 while the semi-pro unit will usually retail at about $400. The area jurisdiction taxes and other cost factors may affect the eventual cost of the washer in your area.

Available support

The washers are mechanical instruments that will require regular maintenance. Other than keeping them clean and storing them appropriately, you will need contacts for a technician to react fast when things go awry. Of course, you should expect fewer problems if you go with a reputable brand and then your dealer offers excellent after-sale customer-care services. Nevertheless, the assurance of help when you need it with your pressure washer is an important consideration to make when you do your shopping.

Customer feedback

The experience of other customers could be your guide when selecting the right washer equipment for your home and business needs. Check out the sales page forums by any manufacturer or dealing and their subsequent pages. Sometimes you can find reviews on the online shopping websites specializing in the particular machine.…