“Are you not feeling very good about yourself today?”

“Are you pregnant?” “No, but the night is young…” Haha. Joy Nash makes me smile. Live your life, y’all.

I still love my dirty, dirty boy.

Even though I don’t have cable anymore. Sniffle. Thanks youtube for the Mike Rowe fix.

Happy Adoptiversary, Kyla!

It’s been two years since Kyla finally found her home and her real family. I’ve loved every minute of you, Frito Foot! Can’t wait to spend a long weekend chasing you through the leaves at the park. Smooches!

Handmade Parade – Now a Major Motion Picture!

Thanks so much to Amanda for putting this great video together! Sorry for the shaky hands on the camera, that’s my fault. Grainy and amateur is how we roll. Very Blair Witch, don’t you think?

Happy 4th of July!

I hope y’all had an awesome holiday!