Bracewar | Naysayer | Gaining Ground | Pushing On | Out of Step Out of Step is Jimmy's new band! Come on out! $7, doors at 7, all ages!!! Continue Reading

Every Friday night it’s…

Last night was a mostly local show, good friends, good times. The lineup was Lessons (not pictured), Kingshead, Swallowed Up and Pushing On. A few pics of Pushing On doing their thing. I see big things happening for this band. Stoked. Swallowed Up is a vegan, straight edge band from New York. Not too bad. Enjoyed their set but I swear it lasted no longer than five minutes. Kingshead's sound was a little unexpected. I have to say I did enjoy it though. Brought a nice mix Continue Reading

The show to end all shows

Suuuuuuper fun show on Saturday. Jimmy booked it. It sold out, there were 300-something people there. I had an amazing time! Pushing On: Dead Ahead's last show. For what, the 3rd or 4th time? Ha. They did a sweet cover of Burning Fight by Inside Out. Video: Guest appearance by War Head: Victim: Down to Nothing: And right after that my camera battery died. So sad! I didn't get any pictures of Nothing Personal's set, which was indescribable unless you have seen Continue Reading