Review: Envirosax Reusable Shopping Bags

Review: Envirosax Reusable Shopping Bags

I have posted before about my love of Envirosax reusable shopping bags, so when they contacted me to see if I’d like to check out and review their new Candy series, I said, “Yes, please!” They sent me this bag, which has a totally fun, large print with neutrals and blues. The whole Candy series […]

A new little craft buddy.

May I take a few moments to make a little product recommendation? Karen Elizabeth (of the etsy shop of the same name) was kind enough to send me one of her awesome Spool Stands for my craft room! I hadn’t found a reliable way to stash my ribbon other than throwing them all in a […]

Fat Fashion Thursday – Igigi Dress Review!

Well, I’m bummed! Let me elaborate. My friend Nicole (who is also shooting our wedding) took some photos of me in my kitchen for a fashion assignment, sort of a retro meets edgy thing, and I was all set to give you a real life “I bought these clothes and here’s what I think” review. […]

Daily Click – Crafty Bastards Edition!

Crafty Bastards! 2007 is coming up on Sunday in Washington, DC and I’m more than stoked to be one of the lucky vendors at this totally kickbutt event. Looking over the vendor list makes me very nervous since I’m a huge fan of many of the people involved. I’m so not worthy! I decided to […]

The Perfect Workout Capris

Ladies, I’ve found them. The ones we’ve all been waiting for. At least they’re the ones I’ve been waiting for. A pair of non-wimpy, supportive, comfortable and dare I say sexy workout capris. The Workout Capri Plus by Moving Comfort. I don’t do shorts, so capris are a must for me. I have several pairs […]