Banff Mountain Film Festival World Tour: Get inspired!


I saw a poster for the Banff Mountain Film Festival World Tour while we were at Blue Ridge Mountain Sports last month, and immediately put the dates on my calendar. I really didn't know what the festival was, but I figured if it was films about mountains and adventure and stuff, I was in. I am not a fan of winter weather - the cold, the dark, the grey - and February is officially the worst month. Besides that, I've been kinda hunkered down for the past 6-8 weeks, working long hours, and Continue Reading

Birthday at the park

Ah birthdays. One year older, and now that I'm 26 I'm officially on the road to the big three-oh. I remember when I was younger, I thought that was so old. Jimmy and Kyla took me to the park after work to hang out and go for a little walk through the woods. I feel like it's been forever since y'all have seen Kyla. She loves going to the park. So many things to sniff! Northside Park is infested with those tree caterpillars. Creepy. Birthday lasagna - my own recipe with TVP, Continue Reading

Mountain weekend

Ahh summer. So close, yet so far away. We had a little trip to Roanoke to visit Jimmy's family and our first stop on Saturday was a swimming hole he loved as a kid. The water was just a little too cold for me to even wade in. Jimmy got his feet wet though. Goose Creek. We'll be back. Goats by the roadside. We had a regular wildlife weekend, saw deer, a flock of wild turkeys, a (dead) fox, lots of cows, and I fed carrots to the neighbor's horses. I love the downtown Roanoke Continue Reading

False Cape State Park

I really can't think of a better way to spend the first day of March than on a long hike with your boy and your dog. False Cape State Park is a mile-wide barrier spit in Virginia Beach sandwiched between Back Bay and the Atlantic Ocean. It's just past Sandbridge beach and butts up against the North Carolina line. You can't access it except by boat or foot since the only way in is through Back Bay Wildlife Refuge, and no  vehicles are allowed in to preserve the wildlife and the ecosystem Continue Reading


Welcome to my new, totally fun and somewhat nerdy hobby, letterboxing! Short summary in case you don't want to read the FAQ. Letterboxing combines hand-carved stamps, treasure hunting and usually a scenic, outdoor place and a hike or walk. Each letterboxer has their own logbook and signature stamp. Each hidden letterbox also has a logbook and a stamp. Clues to the locations of the boxes are posted on the internet, and once you find the box, you stamp its logbook with your stamp and then stamp Continue Reading