Last New Zealand-related entry, I swear

Maybe y'all aren't sick of hearing about New Zealand, but I'm sick of posting about it! I just wanted to show you some of the gorgeous things I brought back. First, some ceramics. I loved the colors in this little dish and the red inside of these mugs is extremely vibrant and happened to match. I bought these in a lovely little ceramics shop in Nelson. Between the 50 million sheep and my knitting habit, y'all KNOW I bought some yarn. I'll put notes of what each one is in Flickr, so click the Continue Reading

Final Days in New Zealand!

We arrived in Auckland and had a full day and a half to see some sights before heading back home. By this point Mom was exhausted from doing 28 presentations in 9 days, and as much as I loved New Zealand, I was so ready to be back in my own house and was missing Jimmy and Kyla like crazy. Still, we managed to pack a ton of activities into our final days. Mom's friend Sarah from the conference picked us up and drove us out to her house, which was situated on a cliff overlooking an estuary. She Continue Reading

Graffiti in New Zealand

Well you know I am on the lookout for graffiti every time I travel, and New Zealand was no exception. I have to say, I was pretty disappointed that it doesn't seem like a big scene over there. To be fair, I did see some nice pieces on my last day in Auckland as we were driving past some railroad tracks, but other than that and other than stencils, this first photo is very typical of most of what I saw. The handstyles in Auckland reminded me of Philly's, if you squished them a little bit (all Continue Reading

New Plymouth, New Zealand

By the time we got to New Plymouth, I was pretty exhausted from walking literally miles each and every day, and had pretty much decided to lounge around the hotel pool and read a book, since we had less than a day there as well. But Heidi, one of the coordinators at the conference, suggested I go down and check out the coastal walkway. The walk down to it wasn't pleasant, but I'm so glad I went, it was stunning. I finally made my way down the cliff to the concrete walkway, and headed down Continue Reading

Palmerston North, New Zealand

We rode to Palmerston North with the conference team. It was a pleasant drive through the mountains to our destination, which is a town with a population around 75,000. We had less than a day there before we had to head out to the next city, but I still got to see plenty. I met a terrific lady named Yvonne through the Pattern Review messageboards, and she was kind enough to show me around. We had coffee in a small cafe, then hit up a knitting and fabric store. We drove around the city and saw Continue Reading