Four Eyes

A brand new opportunity for accessories! That’s right I got glasses. You like?


Two weeks without a camera, and still Best Buy is holding it hostage. Sniff. Highlights of life without a camera, no pics to prove it, I could be making all this up: I’ve finished several sewing projects and a big knitting project. Saw the new Batman movie with Jimmy, which I loved. Made pizza dough […]

Celebrate good times come on

Best summer ever! I just had to share another little moment of joy with you guys. After much patience, prayer, research, frustration and a very nerve-racking meeting in which I stood up for myself, a few months later I have finally gotten the job offer I have been waiting on for SO SO long! I […]

Keepin it real

Ooh look at my hardcore bike commuter wound haha. On the left is the bloody, scary-looking wound I found when I got home last night. On the right: actual size. Psh. How dramatic. I have no idea how I did it but I’m constantly whacking myself in the back of the legs with my pedals […]