Two weeks without a camera, and still Best Buy is holding it hostage. Sniff. Highlights of life without a camera, no pics to prove it, I could be making all this up: I've finished several sewing projects and a big knitting project. Saw the new Batman movie with Jimmy, which I loved. Made pizza dough AND bread in my new stand mixer, which I totally love. We're having pizza #2 from the double batch of dough I made tonight. Working on an awesome project with Tasha, y'all will get a whiff of Continue Reading

Celebrate good times come on

Best summer ever! I just had to share another little moment of joy with you guys. After much patience, prayer, research, frustration and a very nerve-racking meeting in which I stood up for myself, a few months later I have finally gotten the job offer I have been waiting on for SO SO long! I have been a contractor for over five years with the company I work for, and I am finally getting instated as a legit, full time employee with excellent benefits. WOOOO! Goodbye crappy, worthless and Continue Reading

Keepin it real

Ooh look at my hardcore bike commuter wound haha. On the left is the bloody, scary-looking wound I found when I got home last night. On the right: actual size. Psh. How dramatic. I have no idea how I did it but I'm constantly whacking myself in the back of the legs with my pedals so I'm not shocked. I still have a bruise on my left leg from the first day I rode in a few weeks ago that STILL hasn't gone away (probably because I keep whacking it). Is this why people use clipless pedals? In other Continue Reading