I’m back and I have the best news ever.


I've had a much needed break from blogging and being so visible online, and it's done me good. My life has changed so much since I've been away from you guys! And all for the better. Now, I am back and with the best news ever. I am leaving my job with the corporate world and starting my own business. That's right! I get to be my own boss full time. Many of you know I've done freelance web design and graphic design on the side for years, but it's come to the point where the corporate world just Continue Reading


Bracewar | Naysayer | Gaining Ground | Pushing On | Out of Step Out of Step is Jimmy's new band! Come on out! $7, doors at 7, all ages!!! Continue Reading

Man Stuff

So here is my first ever vlog (what an awkward word, right?). I promise to keep these short and fast-paced. In this one, I ask the eternal question that newly married women face: what do you do with the ugly man stuff? Continue Reading

Jimmy and the Beast

Observe the seemingly cute dog and her unsuspecting victim. As the victim worships her, she gives warning. Note the cocked ear and the hungry look in her eye. Strange sounds emit from the evil mouth. The attack is swift and fierce. Her prey is vanquished. Continue Reading

Congratulations, Jimmy!

Behold the latest graduates of the Virginia Beach Volunteer Fire Support Tech academy! Yes it's official, I'm about to marry a hot firefighter type. Jimmy starts his new job at the shipyard today too. Good things are happening! Continue Reading