Man Stuff

So here is my first ever vlog (what an awkward word, right?). I promise to keep these short and fast-paced. In this one, I ask the eternal question that newly married women face: what do you do with the ugly man stuff?

The Craft Room

So busy this weekend! Got some knitting done, some cleaning done, and tons of organization in the warzone that was the craft room. **Click on any of the pictures in this post to go over to Flickr and see notes of what those things are and where I got em.** At some point I had […]

Kitchen Additions

Finally, finally installed the pot rack/lid holder/hanger thingy I bought from IKEA (it’s called Gruntdal if anyone is curious) like a decade ago. I actually bought two, but one went into the craft room (will update on that later). I like the way this side of the kitchen has shaped up. The OTHER side of […]

It’s coming together

It’s amazing to me how much one rug can add to a room. I feel like it pulls the whole living room together. Here’s my new Angela Adams rug from Design Public. I think I’m in love. More detailed pictures this weekend, hopefully.

Little things

Picked up four of the magnetic knife racks from Ikea last weekend, and moved my little spice rack over to the wall. Now the many, many, many, many concerned souls who very enthusiastically told me I was destroying the flavor of the spices by exposing them to scalding stove heat and searing bright kitchen light […]