Laundry Room Makeover

Laundry room makeover - after

The laundry room is something I try not to think about too much. It's behind a closed door. It's not a place I hang out or even like visiting. It houses the washer, dryer, hot water heater (to the left, you can't see it in this photo), some overflow pantry and storage stuff, and there's no room in there. Literally there's an inch between the washer and the hot water heater. An inch! So when I had the opportunity to buy a stacking unit at a super reasonable price (thanks Chris) I jumped. Jimmy Continue Reading

The new spice rack

  While I have nostalgic, DIY love in my heart for my first little spice rack, which was fun to make and pretty to look at, and has sent a lot of traffic to this blog through google searches and whatnot, since going vegan in May 2007, I have amassed a really obscene number of spices. The little rack could no longer handle it. I have upgraded, y'all. I was inspired by supercarrot's awesome spice rack and have lusted after these stainless steel beauties ever since. I did a fairly large and Continue Reading

Holiday Decor

We went pretty low-key with the holiday decorations this year. It's reflecting my mood lately to pare down, minimize and keep things really simple. I got this glittery basket as part of a gift with bath & body stuff in it one year, and I love the way it looks with colorful ornaments inside. It's brightening up our kitchen table. Jade plant is festive. This is one of the few plants that has survived in my house, also known as the no-sunlight zone. Since Jimmy moved in, various and Continue Reading

Man Stuff

So here is my first ever vlog (what an awkward word, right?). I promise to keep these short and fast-paced. In this one, I ask the eternal question that newly married women face: what do you do with the ugly man stuff? Continue Reading