Bracewar | Naysayer | Gaining Ground | Pushing On | Out of Step Out of Step is Jimmy's new band! Come on out! $7, doors at 7, all ages!!! Continue Reading

Every Friday night it’s…

Last night was a mostly local show, good friends, good times. The lineup was Lessons (not pictured), Kingshead, Swallowed Up and Pushing On. A few pics of Pushing On doing their thing. I see big things happening for this band. Stoked. Swallowed Up is a vegan, straight edge band from New York. Not too bad. Enjoyed their set but I swear it lasted no longer than five minutes. Kingshead's sound was a little unexpected. I have to say I did enjoy it though. Brought a nice mix Continue Reading

The show to end all shows

Suuuuuuper fun show on Saturday. Jimmy booked it. It sold out, there were 300-something people there. I had an amazing time! Pushing On: Dead Ahead's last show. For what, the 3rd or 4th time? Ha. They did a sweet cover of Burning Fight by Inside Out. Video: Guest appearance by War Head: Victim: Down to Nothing: And right after that my camera battery died. So sad! I didn't get any pictures of Nothing Personal's set, which was indescribable unless you have seen Continue Reading

The Insider & Dead Ahead – Last show!

Friday night was one of the funnest shows I've been to in a minute. It was at some kid's house on Granby St. in a basement (which I didn't even know existed in Norfolk). Soooo crowded and sweaty in there, but packed shows are the best of all. The Insider played their last show ever. Sucks to see them go so soon but I'm pretty stoked on Jimmy's new band, yet to be named. Floorpunch cover Uploaded by myaimistrue Dead Ahead played their last show (again), I guess for real this time. Man, Continue Reading