The Entwives


Jimmy took some pictures of my costume while we were in the woods this weekend. I was an entwife for Halloween. I am especially proud of how my headpiece came out. Favorite costume I've ever worked on! Since the entwives of Fangorn forest were never found, I took some artistic license. Hope you enjoy! "There have been no Entings - no children, you would say, not for a terrible long count of years. You see, we lost the Entwives." "How very sad!" said Pippin. "How was it that they all Continue Reading

DIY Cleopatra Costume & Happy Halloween!

Cleopatra makeup

Barrel of laughs, am I right? Dogs in costumes are always hilarious, but the fact that our dog absolutely loathes them makes it even more so. Sorry, Kyla. Halloween 2012 I just wanted to show off our costumes for this year! We went to a party last weekend and had a lot of fun. We had big ambitions for Jimmy's costume - we were originally planning to make these incredible 9-foot articulated wings out of a backpack frame (be sure to watch the video). We had the parts ready to go and ordered Continue Reading

I’m back and I have the best news ever.


I've had a much needed break from blogging and being so visible online, and it's done me good. My life has changed so much since I've been away from you guys! And all for the better. Now, I am back and with the best news ever. I am leaving my job with the corporate world and starting my own business. That's right! I get to be my own boss full time. Many of you know I've done freelance web design and graphic design on the side for years, but it's come to the point where the corporate world just Continue Reading

Keep your pets safe on Halloween

Here are some great tips via the Humane Society. Thanks to Nicole for the link. Jack-o’-lanterns, trick-or-treaters, haunted houses and costume parties. Halloween is full of fun things for you and your family to enjoy, but it’s one of those holidays that is enjoyed more by people than by pets. Keep the following precautions in mind when preparing for the frightfully fun festivities and help ensure that everyone in your family—including your pet—has a safe Halloween. Keep your pet in a quiet Continue Reading