We moved.

We moved.

The last couple weeks at the farm, the garden started producing like crazy. I was so bummed to basically abandon it, especially after all the work we did, but it had to be done. We got a lot of great zucchini, green beans, and good lord, TONS of cucumbers. I pickled about 30 pounds of […]

Early spring in the little garden

  Friday was a holiday for my work so I spent the most gorgeous day outside doing a little yard cleanup and garden work. Kyla got a little hot and sought out the one shady spot in the backyard, under a chair I brought out for reading. Such a cute little hot dog.   The […]

Garden Dreaming

Monday I had the day off, so I spent my time wisely – in the yard! I made plans for the side of my house. The square foot garden did not work out for me. I could not keep up with the watering, it dried out so fast, and I really don’t think there was […]

Gardens, Dogs & ShamWOWs

I had an awesome weekend! Several posts to follow. Saturday I headed over to Sloane‘s house for lunch. I wish I took pictures of the yumminess. She made roasted butternut squash (from her garden), steamed kale (from her garden), orzo pasta, homemade bread and olive tapenade. The girl knows how to cook, this meal was […]

June in the little garden

Things are happening around my garden! It’s awesome to see things like these baby tomatoes which were just a little seed poked into the dirt back in March. These little guys are Mexico Midgets (from Seedsavers). Beautiful nasturtiums. I absolutely love these orange flowers and their big, green lily pad leaves. Did you know you […]