Taking a break


I had a wonderful 4th of July weekend with my family. My dad and brother both took their boats out and we spent time on the water - we like to park the boats just a little offshore from an awesome spot at First Landing State Park. You can swim and walk up to the shoreline where there's a great little shaded, tree-lined spot. My mom's brother came to visit from Georgia with his new girlfriend and her two adorable kids. We all had a fine time relaxing, swimming, grilling out and enjoying mom's Continue Reading

Bona fide Farmgirl.

Well, since my camera decided to have several seizures in a row and start hollering, "FOCUS ERROR!" and "ZOOM ERROR!" incessantly, and since it's been shipped off to camera rehab for 2-3 weeks, I figured I might as well bestow upon y'all the rare text only post. Which may be more frequent, depending on whether or not the camera takes to recovery or decides to continue down its road of bad choices and zoom error vices. So I've joined yet another social media-ish site, Plurk. Plurk is pretty much Continue Reading

Weekend on the water

Woo! Fun times yesterday out on the water! Tubers! Can you hear my terrified screams? Haha. Kyla got so mad at us. I put her in the water for a little swim and when Jimmy tried to rescue her she got pulled under twice, swallowed a bunch of saltwater and barfed. Haha poor baby. We redeemed ourselves though when we took her over to the little beach and let her off leash for a while. Oh the adventures! Evel Knievel AKA my brother Noah. He loves to throw people off this thing. Continue Reading

Merry Christmas!

This post is way overdue but after all the insanity and rushrushrush of the holidays, I needed a few days of doing absolutely nothing. This gorgeous little house was all ours for a few days we spent together as a family up in Hot Springs, Virginia. It's called the Boxwood cottage and it's one of the properties you can rent at the King's Victorian Inn. I highly recommend staying there if you ever want a mountain getaway. The prices are extremely reasonable, especially if you have a large group Continue Reading

Family Portraits

I had a couple people ask about the family portrait that we gave mom for her 50th birthday so I decided to post a few up here. Here's the one we blew up. We took these in the Japanese garden at Red Wing Park in Virginia Beach. Nicole is such an awesome photographer, she stood in the freezing cold for three hours to get these just right. Make sure you click on the pics to head over to Flickr to see them a little bigger. There are lots more as well (and a ton more I didn't upload). I Continue Reading