What can we learn from the Urban Outfitters PR disaster?

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By now, you've probably heard of the Urban Outfitters PR disaster, the mass Twitter boycott pledge, the dissenting opinions and reactions, and you may have seen the stories on Yahoo, The Consumerist and myriad other places. As a marketing and web consultant for small businesses, nonprofits, bloggers, and entrepreneurs, I'm fascinated by how this whole thing went down, and I'm determined to learn, learn, learn from it. So, what can business owners (be they a small one-person operation or a Continue Reading

Anatomy of a trending topic: How Twitter & the crafting community put the smackdown on Urban Outfitters

I heart NY Necklace

Today has been a fun ride. Behold the power of social media muscle. This morning, online buddy Gayla Trail (also known as You Grow Girl) posted a link to her Facebook page. It was to a tumblr post by Chicago independent jewelry artist Stevie of tru.che. Urban Outfitters (and their sister brand Anthropologie) - notorious for ripping off independent artists' designs, mass producing them, and selling them back to their customers at a premium - had done it again. In such a blatant way. Here's Continue Reading

A new little craft buddy.

May I take a few moments to make a little product recommendation? Karen Elizabeth (of the etsy shop of the same name) was kind enough to send me one of her awesome Spool Stands for my craft room! I hadn't found a reliable way to stash my ribbon other than throwing them all in a basket, and this ended up being perfect! The spool stands are sturdy and made of wood and stand 14 inches tall. I'm told they can hold anywhere from 6 to 22 spools of ribbon, depending on the size of the spools. Mine Continue Reading

Big ol’ Etsy Shop Update!

You know your faithful companion deserves pampering every now and then. So scamper over to the My Aim Is True etsy shop and get him a dapper new collar or get her a fancy leash poop baggie holder. Or buy them both some paw balm to soothe those cracked pads! Lots of good stuff, get it before it's gone! Shop My Aim Is True! Continue Reading