Deadlift day


Wednesday was one rep max deadlift day at the gym! My favorite day - deadlifts are the best lifts in all the land. At least for me. Finally, those big hips, butt, and thighs come in handy. I hit a PR by 10 pounds, I'm finally at 300 pounds! Woooo! My girl Lisa hit a PR too, here she is doing 230. It's all in the faces you make. I promise. In other CrossFit-related news (sort of), I am so excited to announce that I'll be redesigning and rebuilding Robb! His book The Paleo Continue Reading

More CFVB action

Check out this super cool video about Crossfit Virginia Beach, where I work out! Now I really regret not being there that day, and yes I have done that workout before. Continue Reading


This is what 150 pullups will do to your left hand when you already have calluses from pullups and weightlifting. My right hand is ripped as well. I don't want to touch anything! This is so gross and yes, it hurts. I will be vigilant about filing down calluses from now on. Still loving every minute of Crossfit. Would not trade the feeling of being able to say, why yes I did run 1.5 miles and do 150 pullups in 41 minutes to have my girly, delicate, lotiony hands back. Edited to add: before I Continue Reading

Crossfit Virginia Beach

Yesterday I launched the brand new Crossfit Virginia Beach website. I've worked pretty hard on it and I'm really happy with how it came out. If you have a second to go glance at it, let me know what you think! While building this site (migrating it from typepad) I have learned to really hate Typepad. It seems to be fine if you are using them, but if you ever try to leave, God help you. Maybe I'll go into all the reasons why Typepad is awful in a future post, but let's start with: it turns Continue Reading

It sucked, and then I died.

Saturday morning Mary and I got up bright and early to check out the open house at Crossfit Virginia Beach. I was prepared to get murdered, but ouch! Brutal! Photos were being taken the entire time. I expect NOT to be posting those once they're online, unless you guys want to see me in all my grunting, screaming, sweating and panting glory. It was completely unconscious but from the wall balls onward I'm pretty sure I sounded exactly like those pro tennis chicks that I always make fun of, that Continue Reading