The Entwives


Jimmy took some pictures of my costume while we were in the woods this weekend. I was an entwife for Halloween. I am especially proud of how my headpiece came out. Favorite costume I've ever worked on! Since the entwives of Fangorn forest were never found, I took some artistic license. Hope you enjoy! "There have been no Entings - no children, you would say, not for a terrible long count of years. You see, we lost the Entwives." "How very sad!" said Pippin. "How was it that they all Continue Reading

DIY Cleopatra Costume & Happy Halloween!

Cleopatra makeup

Barrel of laughs, am I right? Dogs in costumes are always hilarious, but the fact that our dog absolutely loathes them makes it even more so. Sorry, Kyla. Halloween 2012 I just wanted to show off our costumes for this year! We went to a party last weekend and had a lot of fun. We had big ambitions for Jimmy's costume - we were originally planning to make these incredible 9-foot articulated wings out of a backpack frame (be sure to watch the video). We had the parts ready to go and ordered Continue Reading