Garden Dreaming

Monday I had the day off, so I spent my time wisely - in the yard! I made plans for the side of my house. The square foot garden did not work out for me. I could not keep up with the watering, it dried out so fast, and I really don't think there was enough room for the plants to really take off. So after consulting with Sloane and doing some research, I decided to dig some beds. I made plans, marked off the beds with spray paint and got to work. The first thing I did was to spread the bags of Continue Reading

My dragon

I have a knack for buying half dead plants on sale for $2 or $3 at the grocery store, setting them near the window in my office at work and watching them flourish. I also have a sago palm, jade plant and aloe plant that look amazing. I am the envy of all the office ladies. I don't understand how tropical plants can thrive on filtered sunlight in an office that is often freezing, subjected to a very scientific watering schedule: I fill my water bottle on Monday mornings and distribute it as Continue Reading

June in the little garden

Things are happening around my garden! It's awesome to see things like these baby tomatoes which were just a little seed poked into the dirt back in March. These little guys are Mexico Midgets (from Seedsavers). Beautiful nasturtiums. I absolutely love these orange flowers and their big, green lily pad leaves. Did you know you can eat the flowers? I sort of want to but I sort of just want to let them stay because they're so pretty. Behind them are my chives, which are still blooming like a Continue Reading

First Fruits

My first harvest. Out of my first garden. One for me, one for Jimmy and one little green top for Kyla (she loves them). So pleased. Continue Reading

A beginning

Saturday was so perfect, weather-wise. My brother Noah came over to give me my birthday gift, the use of his truck and assistance in building a square foot garden box to hold my veggies this spring & summer! We made a quick trip to the hardware store and headed back to the house to get to work. I get an immense amount of satisfaction out of making things myself, especially when it's something a lot of people would hire help for or buy pre-fab, so I was really excited about this project. Continue Reading