We moved.


The last couple weeks at the farm, the garden started producing like crazy. I was so bummed to basically abandon it, especially after all the work we did, but it had to be done. We got a lot of great zucchini, green beans, and good lord, TONS of cucumbers. I pickled about 30 pounds of cukes, a couple gallons of green beans, and froze lots and lots of zucchini. When we left, there were baby melons and the tomatoes had just started producing. If anyone wants to do a drive by, you can harvest our Continue Reading

We’re leaving the farm.

Sunset at the farm

I have some sad news, friends. On August 4, we will be leaving the farm and moving to the Charlottesville area. We are so disappointed that things didn't work out here. The main reason we are leaving is that we can't get a reliable Internet connection at the farm. Before we moved, we called Comcast to make sure we could get a high speed connection here. They said yes, and so we packed and headed up. I make my living online and need a high speed connection to do my thing. After fighting Continue Reading