I have something important to say!

Me hiking in Death Valley

I usually don't cross post things from my yoga blog, Body Positive Yoga, but I feel like this post will resonate with a lot of y'all. Stop postponing your life until you lose the weight Please stop waiting for some magic moment (that may never happen) to come around. Some magic moment where you are tall, thin, have smooth skin, no cellulite, have a voice that doesn’t sound annoying when you hear yourself recorded. Please stop waiting to go live your life, put on a swimsuit, dance at a Continue Reading

New blog: Body Positive Yoga

A picture of me doing tree pose in the woods

I'm starting a new blog! It's called Body Positive Yoga. Why body positive? I’ve struggled with my weight and body image since my early teenage years. Growing up as a fat girl can take its toll. I have been on dozens of different diets, exercise regimes, and more trying to fit an ideal that was more about aesthetics and fitting in than actual health. The past few years have changed all that. I have (without really noticing) been on a journey toward health and self acceptance through making Continue Reading

Beautiful us: reflections from the body image book club


Back in June, I announced a virtual body image book club surrounding the book Beautiful You: A Daily Guide to Radical Self-Acceptance by Rosie Molinary. The response was super, and over the past seven weeks, we've had a tight knit group of body lovin', mind opening, perspective changing, thought provoking awesomeness. Last night was our final session together, and Rosie, the book's author, led us through a series of reflections. I'd like to share some of that here. Reflections [tabs Continue Reading

Self-acceptance Twitter Party!


You're invited to a parrrrrtayyyyyy! A virtual party. On Twitter! So save the date! We’ll be discussing self-acceptance: what it means to us, how we get there, and where to go from here with it at #beautifulyou. What do you need to do?  First, follow @rosiemolinary on Twitter so that you can have all the details leading up to the party.  Then light up your computer, smart phone, or handy dandy pad and check into Twitter by 8 pm on August 2nd. Search for the #beautifulyou hashtag so that Continue Reading

Yoga teacher training – halfway through

An image of me doing tree pose in hiking boots and sunglasses on top of Spy Rock

I'm a student in a year-long, 200-hour yoga teacher training program, and the end of June marked the halfway point in the program. I've hesitated writing about it here because it feels a little too personal, and a little self-congratulatory talking about "my yogic journey". But as my friend Lisa said to me, the story is mine and who else can tell it? So here are some things I've learned, changed, or grown through during the past six months. Communication & adjustment Yoga is a direct Continue Reading