9 easy blog fixes for better community


I'm at BlogWorld in Las Vegas this week, and am getting super energized by all the great speakers and other bloggers I'm meeting. I have gotten a ton of awesome practical advice (from the Problogger track especially) and since I know a lot of you have your own blogs, I wanted to share some tips on how to build better community on your blog. Want to get more readers, comments, traffic and interaction? Then check out these tips for some easy improvements you can make to your blog today. Offer Continue Reading

Let’s meet at Blogworld!

My friend Michelle Rogerson and I collaborate on a lot of projects. We met when we worked together at a big Fortune 500, where we ultimately crafted a corporate social media policy for the entire company. During that three-year process, we saw a ton of people come through purporting to be "social media gurus" and "experts in their field" trying to sell yet another useless service or un-keepable promise that their brand of social media was the magical elixir that would cure all of corporate Continue Reading

Taking a break


I had a wonderful 4th of July weekend with my family. My dad and brother both took their boats out and we spent time on the water - we like to park the boats just a little offshore from an awesome spot at First Landing State Park. You can swim and walk up to the shoreline where there's a great little shaded, tree-lined spot. My mom's brother came to visit from Georgia with his new girlfriend and her two adorable kids. We all had a fine time relaxing, swimming, grilling out and enjoying mom's Continue Reading

48 Hour Express Blog Setup

Hey folks, I'm taking a break from a few things - the freelance blog/web stuff is one of em. Thanks for your interest! What if you could... Have your own Wordpress blog at your own domain Didn't have to know anything about HTML, programming or coding Have someone else do the dirty work so you could just be up and running in 48 hours Are you on Blogger, Typepad or LiveJournal and would rather do your own thing but you just don't know where to start, and you don't have serious money to drop Continue Reading