‘Tis the season

credenza with holiday decor

I have gotten so excited about Christmas decorations this year! I was really inspired by living up here near the mountains, seeing all the beautiful trees this fall, and just observing all the new nature around me. My parents came to visit for my mom's birthday, and I wanted everything to be really festive and magical for them, so I got busy and pulled the house together early this year. I made several fresh wreaths, swags, and such. I spraypainted branches with silver metallic paint for the Continue Reading

Laundry Room Makeover

Laundry room makeover - after

The laundry room is something I try not to think about too much. It's behind a closed door. It's not a place I hang out or even like visiting. It houses the washer, dryer, hot water heater (to the left, you can't see it in this photo), some overflow pantry and storage stuff, and there's no room in there. Literally there's an inch between the washer and the hot water heater. An inch! So when I had the opportunity to buy a stacking unit at a super reasonable price (thanks Chris) I jumped. Jimmy Continue Reading

The new spice rack

  While I have nostalgic, DIY love in my heart for my first little spice rack, which was fun to make and pretty to look at, and has sent a lot of traffic to this blog through google searches and whatnot, since going vegan in May 2007, I have amassed a really obscene number of spices. The little rack could no longer handle it. I have upgraded, y'all. I was inspired by supercarrot's awesome spice rack and have lusted after these stainless steel beauties ever since. I did a fairly large and Continue Reading

Attacking Clutter & Organization 101

The situation in the craft room is dire. At first glance, this disaster appears to be the result of a tornado, tsunami, hurricane or other act of God. It actually was caused by: Getting married and sacrificing your office to be the ManCave. All shipping supplies or anything remotely arty got dumped into the craft room. Rushed holiday crafting and shoving half-finished projects and leftover supplies onto every available surface before hurrying out of town. Having your fabric bins stolen Continue Reading