Kitchen Windows Quilt

Kitchen Windows Quilt

     Let me explain. No, there is too much. Let me sum up. The past two years have been pretty crazy, and a constant "this is not where I thought I'd be in my 30s": Leaving Norfolk and my home and my family and every friend I have. Going to the farm and putting so much work and hope into that, and then having it not work out. Moving near Charlottesville and loving the house and the lake, but feeling completely isolated for a whole year. Realizing that I need Community to survive. Continue Reading

The Entwives


Jimmy took some pictures of my costume while we were in the woods this weekend. I was an entwife for Halloween. I am especially proud of how my headpiece came out. Favorite costume I've ever worked on! Since the entwives of Fangorn forest were never found, I took some artistic license. Hope you enjoy! "There have been no Entings - no children, you would say, not for a terrible long count of years. You see, we lost the Entwives." "How very sad!" said Pippin. "How was it that they all Continue Reading

DIY Cleopatra Costume & Happy Halloween!

Cleopatra makeup

Barrel of laughs, am I right? Dogs in costumes are always hilarious, but the fact that our dog absolutely loathes them makes it even more so. Sorry, Kyla. Halloween 2012 I just wanted to show off our costumes for this year! We went to a party last weekend and had a lot of fun. We had big ambitions for Jimmy's costume - we were originally planning to make these incredible 9-foot articulated wings out of a backpack frame (be sure to watch the video). We had the parts ready to go and ordered Continue Reading

We moved.


The last couple weeks at the farm, the garden started producing like crazy. I was so bummed to basically abandon it, especially after all the work we did, but it had to be done. We got a lot of great zucchini, green beans, and good lord, TONS of cucumbers. I pickled about 30 pounds of cukes, a couple gallons of green beans, and froze lots and lots of zucchini. When we left, there were baby melons and the tomatoes had just started producing. If anyone wants to do a drive by, you can harvest our Continue Reading

Farm house update, and help us pick a name!

Image of the farm cabin on the top of a hill

This past weekend, Jimmy, my mom, Jimmy's mom, my dad, and Dave went up to the farm house to get it ready for our big move-in. We've been going up every couple of weeks to work and get the house ready for us to live in. We packed up the owner's stuff, moved all of it plus his furniture out to the barn, and this past weekend was the big CLEAN. The property is just more gorgeous every time we go up there. The daffodils were all in bloom, it was like having our own welcoming Continue Reading