DIY Cleopatra Costume & Happy Halloween!

DIY Cleopatra Costume & Happy Halloween!

Barrel of laughs, am I right? Dogs in costumes are always hilarious, but the fact that our dog absolutely loathes them makes it even more so. Sorry, Kyla. Halloween 2012 I just wanted to show off our costumes for this year! We went to a party last weekend and had a lot of fun. We […]

Meet Jasper!

We have been considering adding another fur kid to our family for quite some time. We were very close to adopting a brother for Kyla from the same rescue group we got her from, but right about the time we found a dog that we wanted to bring home, she had to have surgery and […]

Early spring in the little garden

  Friday was a holiday for my work so I spent the most gorgeous day outside doing a little yard cleanup and garden work. Kyla got a little hot and sought out the one shady spot in the backyard, under a chair I brought out for reading. Such a cute little hot dog.   The […]


I didn’t make a post about it on here because I didn’t want to dwell on it, but Kyla had to have surgery today. She had been growing a suspicious looking wart/tumor/spot on her back for a month or two now, and it just kept getting bigger and nastier looking. I finally took her to […]

Grumpy-butt makes a friend

I hope everyone had a terrific Thanksgiving weekend. I sure did! Besides having lots of yummy food to eat (my dad is very considerate and even made me vegan dressing!) my grumpy girl made a friend. My sister Heidi adopted a 10 month old pug from a coworker who “had too many dogs”. After learning […]