DIY Cleopatra Costume & Happy Halloween!

Cleopatra makeup

Barrel of laughs, am I right? Dogs in costumes are always hilarious, but the fact that our dog absolutely loathes them makes it even more so. Sorry, Kyla. Halloween 2012 I just wanted to show off our costumes for this year! We went to a party last weekend and had a lot of fun. We had big ambitions for Jimmy's costume - we were originally planning to make these incredible 9-foot articulated wings out of a backpack frame (be sure to watch the video). We had the parts ready to go and ordered Continue Reading

Meet Jasper!

We have been considering adding another fur kid to our family for quite some time. We were very close to adopting a brother for Kyla from the same rescue group we got her from, but right about the time we found a dog that we wanted to bring home, she had to have surgery and the rescue group didn't want to wait for her to get better. That was ok, we just decided to wait until the time was right. Then our friend Shan called us to let us know that a cute little Boston terrier named Jasper had Continue Reading

Early spring in the little garden

  Friday was a holiday for my work so I spent the most gorgeous day outside doing a little yard cleanup and garden work. Kyla got a little hot and sought out the one shady spot in the backyard, under a chair I brought out for reading. Such a cute little hot dog.   The beds might not look like much but they are coming along. They really need to be mulched, and I am going to try to do that this weekend. In the circular bed we have rosemary, sage, cilantro, parsley and chives. I also planted Continue Reading


I didn't make a post about it on here because I didn't want to dwell on it, but Kyla had to have surgery today. She had been growing a suspicious looking wart/tumor/spot on her back for a month or two now, and it just kept getting bigger and nastier looking. I finally took her to the vet last week and they were pretty adamant about getting her in to have it removed right away. She had another lump on her chest that they said was probably a fatty tumor but had also grown, so they would take that Continue Reading

Grumpy-butt makes a friend

I hope everyone had a terrific Thanksgiving weekend. I sure did! Besides having lots of yummy food to eat (my dad is very considerate and even made me vegan dressing!) my grumpy girl made a friend. My sister Heidi adopted a 10 month old pug from a coworker who "had too many dogs". After learning that one of her kids slammed his head in a door, blinding him in one eye (poor guy!) I'd have to agree! Myles is so cute, full of energy and very squeaky and barky. I love it. Kyla has a sordid past Continue Reading