Farm-to-table dinner raids and government attacks on small farmers – AKA why we need the Farm to Consumer Legal Defense Fund


It's no secret that I'm passionate about local, sustainable food and humane animal agriculture. I've posted about local farms, I've talked about my own foibles with gardening and raising chicks, I've interviewed sustainable agriculture legend Joel Salatin, Jimmy and I even pulled up roots and moved to the middle of nowhere with the intention of growing our own food. So when I hear about government officials targeting small farms, it gets my britches in a bunch. Bigtime. I found out about the Continue Reading

Strawberry picking & can you can?

Strawberry picking in Pungo

Last week on an impulse, Jimmy and I headed out to Pungo, the rural section of Virginia Beach, to go strawberry picking! Eating local I just love getting out in the fields and picking my own fruits or vegetables. Eating local, seasonal produce is the best way to get the freshest, best tasting food available. I'm yanking the food out of the ground or off the vine and popping it right in my mouth. A warm strawberry from the field, red all the way to the center, is a totally sensual Continue Reading

The Paleo Table


I'm super excited to announce my brand new blog, The Paleo Table. It will be a one-stop shop for all my info, recipes, and fun stuff surrounding the Paleo way of eating. Go check it out, browse around, and keep an eye out for all kinds of goodies like recipe packets, an eBook, workshops and more! See you around the kitchen! Continue Reading

A new way to do stuffing

Grain free gluten free bread free paleo stuffing

Head over to Robb Wolf's site to check out the first edition of my new weekly column there, The Paleo Table, and grab my awesome new recipe for Savory Sweet Potato Stuffing. I promise you will not miss the bread in this one! I also have a bevy of delicious Thanksgiving recipes for you to try, so head on over and see what looks good. Tell me What are you making this Thursday? Are you hosting? Carrying things with you? Share your menus, recipes and leftover tips in the comments! Continue Reading

Golden garlic shrimp

Paleo garlic shrimp recipe

This is a super easy, quick, weeknight recipe full of flavor that will blow your mind. There's nothing complicated about it, but the simple ingredients combined in the right way is just amazing. The shrimp taste so buttery and rich, with the garlic infusion and just a little kick from the pepper. Serve this with a simply done veggie side like roasted broccoli (just stick the pan in the oven beside the shrimp) and you are done! This would be super delicious served over cauliflower rice, or if Continue Reading