We moved.


The last couple weeks at the farm, the garden started producing like crazy. I was so bummed to basically abandon it, especially after all the work we did, but it had to be done. We got a lot of great zucchini, green beans, and good lord, TONS of cucumbers. I pickled about 30 pounds of cukes, a couple gallons of green beans, and froze lots and lots of zucchini. When we left, there were baby melons and the tomatoes had just started producing. If anyone wants to do a drive by, you can harvest our Continue Reading

We’re leaving the farm.

Sunset at the farm

I have some sad news, friends. On August 4, we will be leaving the farm and moving to the Charlottesville area. We are so disappointed that things didn't work out here. The main reason we are leaving is that we can't get a reliable Internet connection at the farm. Before we moved, we called Comcast to make sure we could get a high speed connection here. They said yes, and so we packed and headed up. I make my living online and need a high speed connection to do my thing. After fighting Continue Reading

Raising baby chicks – the first 10 days

baby chicks outside in the grass

When I was about five years old, we lived in south Georgia and kept a small flock of backyard chickens. We weren't in a rural area or anything, a lot of people in our Lake Park, Georgia, neighborhood had some sort of animal they kept for food or milk or eggs or whatever. I remember one fall afternoon our next door neighbors slaughtered their hogs. My dad went over to help them. They hung the carcasses up on the swingset to drain the blood. Back to our chickens. My 4-year old sister Heidi and Continue Reading

After the rain

Image of a spruce tree branch with raindrops

The weather out here sure is fickle. For the first week we were here, it was all bright blue skies and puffy little clouds. The weather was very spring-like: cool in the morning, hot after the sun got above the ridge, and then cold after the sun went down. When we do get rain, it sounds great hitting the skylights and coming in through the windows, which we usually have open during the day. Then one week, after it had been in the 70s for days, it dropped to the 40s and snowed all day. Then Continue Reading

How to make a compost pile


Here on Bucklebury Farm, we are getting the garden beds prepped and ready for planting. Part of every successful garden is compost. We spent a little time establishing our compost pile - this will be the spot to deposit leaves, grass clippings, and kitchen scraps - all which by the magic of mother nature will be turned into compost - the black gold of the gardening world. Since we were establishing a compost pile from scratch, I figured I'd post our step by step process. Here on the farm, Continue Reading