A picture of me, dark hair and bangs, smiling and wearing aqua colored headphonesHi, I’m Amber Karnes. I’m 30 years old and I live near Charlottesville, Virginia, with my husband Jimmy and our grumpy old dog Kyla.

I am self-employed as a web designer & developer. I also do all sorts of fun marketing and social media stuff for my clients, which are few and treasured. I also enjoy these things: backpacking, hiking, camping, knitting, sewing, taking pictures, yoga, local food, and a little light DIY now and then.

I am also a 200-hour registered yoga teacher. You can check out my yoga & body image blog at Body Positive Yoga.

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This domain name has been mine, and used for my stream of internetty consciousness since I was 16 years old [that’d be around 1998]. The name of the site? From one of my favorite songs, Alison by Elvis Costello.

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