Real food education: an interview with Joel Salatin (part 2 of 5)

Pastured pigs at Polyface farms

Pastured pigs at Polyface farms

In part 1 of this 5-part video interview series, we asked the question, who is Joel Salatin? We heard his thoughts on accidental activism, his personal history of farming (his family’s history in central America, how he got Polyface Farms started, and more). He also talked about new ideas for Polyface, and what may be in store for the farm’s future.

In this video: Joel talks about the issue of “real food” education. What will it take and whose responsibility is it to educate the American public on food and agriculture sustainability? Joel talks about “degrees of penetration” when it comes to education about sustainability. He also answers the question, should we really try to convert everyone?

How do you rate?

So, where are you on Joel’s scale of food independence? What could you do to move up a level? How could you educate a family member or a friend to help them “climb the ladder”? Tell me in the comments.


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    Great stuff here – seeing Joel in Food, Inc was all I needed to make the effort to eat local, pastured meat. We are next door in Norfolk, and are always looking for real food/locavore opportunities, having gone Paleo in 2009. We’ve had some success cow-sharing, and are looking to do the same with a pig this fall.

    Do you have any experience buying pastured lamb/goat in Virginia?


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      *sigh* I love misinformation . I take my stnace somewhere in the middle. As a member of the health-care community, I have to recognize the benefit to some vaccinations and antibiotics in time of definite need. H1N1 is not one of them. The vaccine has been poorly tested and is a knee-jerk reaction to a panicking public. Honestly, in the general public, H1N1 is no more deadly that the “standard” flu and kills no more people and no different demographic of people than the standard flu. It just has publicity. Other vaccinations for polio, tetanus, and meningitis I see a need for the chances of your being left disabled or dead by those diseases is high. Or a potentially harmful infection I see as meritous of an antibiotic not the common cold, ear ache, stomach bug.I have a definite problem, however, with not allowing nature to take it’s course and creating unnatural conditions. Antibiotic resistnace has run rampant because people don’t want to deal with a snotty nose or an ear ache for a few days things that most antibiotics do nothing for as the offending agent was a virus, most likely. And it has become a huge problem in the livestock industry because we’re making things live in unnatural, cramped, filthy conditions. I have problems with anything living indoors, without exercise, fresh air, and good food whether that be an animal or a person. A sedentary lifestyle and an unhealthy diet (by far and large) makes for a society of obese, hypertensive, hypercholesterolemic, diabetic people with chronic pain issues and as well as a wildly poor food supply.


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