I’ve got a crush on: Just Cupcakes

mmmm cupcakes

Did I mention that I love my new job? Going into business for yourself can be really scary but you also have huge perks, like the ability to pick and choose who you work for, and only do work for people and businesses that you love and that line up with your ethics, interests, and aesthetic. One of my favorite clients is Bake It Pretty. I write most of the blog posts over at the Bake It Pretty blog, and my other duties include coordinating giveaways, talking to potential sponsors and bloggers, and doing fun things like visiting cupcake shops and then writing about them. Sigh, all in a hard day’s work! This post was cross-posted over at the Bake It Pretty blog.

Just Cupcakes is an upscale cupcakery in the Hilltop area of Virginia Beach, Virginia. Amanda (the creator of Bake It Pretty) and I are both from Norfolk (about 10 minutes from Virginia Beach) and we were both excited to see a cupcakery open in this area. Just Cupcakes opened in July 2009 and has been churning out delicious and lovely cupcakes ever since.

happy birthday cupcakes

I am privileged to know and have worked with the shop’s owner, the multi-talented Carla Peay Hesseltine (Carla is also a graphic designer in addition to being an awesome baker). I stopped in last week for a chat, a cupcake, and to take some photos of her lovely shop. I wanted to share them with you, dear readers, and tell you a little about this cute little cupcakery.

sit and have a bite

Just Cupcakes keeps it simple and true to its’ name – the cupcakes are the star attraction. The shop has a small seating area and serves a few beverages, but other than that it’s all cupcakes, all the time. The shop itself is just adorable with gorgeous photography on the walls, handmade mobiles hanging from the ceiling, and cheerful cupcake-themed decorations all around.

Today's flavors

They use only the freshest, highest quality, all-natural ingredients – Guittard, Callebaut and Valrhona chocolates, Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla and organic vanilla beans – in their gourmet cupcakes, and you can certainly taste the difference.

delicious mini cupcakes

They offer over 40 flavors of cupcakes – eight to ten flavors every single day. The menu of flavors changes weekly, so there’s something for every taste. My favorite is their chocolate peanut butter cupcake (the peanut butter buttercreme icing is on point!), my husband loooooves the neopolitan cupcake because you can taste the chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry flavors individually or all at once!

black & white cupcakes

Just Cupcakes offers a “cupcaker’s dozen” rewards card for frequent customers as well. Buy a dozen cupcakes, and your 13th cupcake is free! Be sure to pick one up if you stop by the shop, because you’re sure to be back. The employees are all super-friendly, especially the adorable Mackenzie (pictured below) – who always makes my day when I come in.

mackenzie, the adorable counter girl

I hope if you’re ever in Virginia Beach, you get a chance to stop by and sample their one-of-a-kind creations and friendly smiles. I’m pining for a peanut butter chocolate cupcake right now. Mmmmm.

To get the latest updates from Just cupcakes, follow them on Twitter or join them on Facebook.


  1. Meghan R says

    I had no idea you were the driving force behind the Bake It Pretty blog. Hot damn! I follow that blog :) Good job!

  2. says

    I’m with ya! They’ve been a huge temptation ever since they started being sold at Bean There Cafe underneath my office. Always the perfect Friday afternoon treat. And yes, the Peanut Butter cupcake is divine!

    I have a Groupon for them, so I can’t wait to haul my butt down to VB to cash it in.

  3. says

    What a cute little cupcakerie! And rock on with loving the job! It’s always so wonderful to be in the middle of one’s passions and still be passionate about them!

  4. says

    I love Just Cupcakes. I took my daughter there for her birthday and they gave her a delicious complimentary cupcake. And the staff was so friendly!