Oh my gosh, I won!

untitled-1Let me just start this post off by saying I never win giveaways. And I am totally going to allow myself to believe that this is good karma for all the giveaways I’ve been hosting on this here blog lately.

I won an iPhone!!!

Squarespace (an online content management platform that I’ve heard lots of good things about) is hosting a contest on Twitter where they give away one iPhone every day for 30 days. To enter, you simply have to send a tweet with the #squarespace hashtag included. They choose a winner at random once a day, who wins a $199 gift certificate to the Apple store!

The truly mind-blowing thing is, I didn’t even know about the contest. I saw a couple people on my twitter friends list do the #squarespace thing and finally sent a direct message to my friend Joe asking what it was all about. He told me, and I sent a tweet right then saying, wow squarespace, how did you guys know I was thinking about getting an iPhone this summer? (Which is true – our contract is up in August and I was totally planning to get us a pair for Jimmy’s birthday!)

Hours later I get home, log in to twitter, and I have over 100 @replies telling me congratulations, and an email from Squarespace’s marketing director asking where she can email the prize! Talk about mind blown! I couldn’t believe it! It truly must have been a one in a million chance. Many, many people are entering the contest multiple times a day, every day. I sent one tweet, and won!

Everyone should be entering this contest. I mean, you know someone who won, that has to make the odds seem better, right? Follow Squarespace on twitter, and keep those #squarespace hashtag tweets coming!

And speaking of giveaways, we have a totally awesome giveaway coming up this week, probably tomorrow. Lovers of fabric and awesome color and design, you are in for a treat!


  1. Nicole says

    Wow…that’s so great…how wonderful for you…

    YOU SUCK!!!!!!!

    But I still love ya sorry ass.

  2. says

    Congrats! I’m now following squarespace and you on twitter. I’m “ellbiedesign”. I’m new to this whole thing. I feel dumb but how do i send a tweet? and what’s a hashtag if you don’t mind explaining.