Garden Dreaming

before (with plans)

Monday I had the day off, so I spent my time wisely – in the yard! I made plans for the side of my house. The square foot garden did not work out for me. I could not keep up with the watering, it dried out so fast, and I really don’t think there was enough room for the plants to really take off. So after consulting with Sloane and doing some research, I decided to dig some beds. I made plans, marked off the beds with spray paint and got to work.

The first thing I did was to spread the bags of composted horse poop over where I wanted the beds. Then I broke down my compost pile. I was very happy to see that at least this is going right!

A little history of the compost pile. In October 2007, it looked like this:

Compost bin

June 2008 it looked like this:


And now… voila!

old compost pile

Black gold, baby! It looks pretty darn good if I may say so. I really didn’t do much to this pile at all. I added shredded leaves and kitchen scraps. That is it. I fluffed it a bit just to bury new scraps, and I turned the whole pile only once during its lifespan. I really did not fuss over it at all. If you are patient, it will do its thing.


I brought the compost and spread it all over the beds too. Now they look like this:

getting the new beds ready

A nice hippie boy came with his tiller and was going to till everything in for me, but then alas, the tiller wouldn’t start! He is going to try again on Thursday.

getting the new beds ready

I can’t wait to plant some peas and greens soon. I also will be putting some bulbs in these beds for a little color. A nice neighbor of mine who’s also a gardener had to move and let me take some bulbs from her yard. Here is what I dug up:

plants and bulbs from joyce's

Lots of daffodils, irises, some hyacinth and crocus, some elephant ears. I also took some rosemary cuttings. Can’t wait to get these babies in the ground.

chives coming up

I did a lot of cleanup in the yard too, shredded the last of the leaves. Cleaned up my containers. The chives are coming back. These things are indestructible and boy do I abuse them.

succulents coming up

The succulents are coming back up too. I just left these guys outside all winter and they did fine! I have a few things planned for this Saturday. Painting wooden pallets to corral the new compost pile. And converting these barrels to rain barrels. Can’t wait!

How are your garden plans shaping up for this spring?


  1. says

    You may have already thought about this, but it would be a decent idea to have Miss Utility come out and mark your lines before you start up the tiller. I know this because my mom and I had an incident at her house last summer that resulted in the phone line getting chopped in two. We thought the lines were buried deeper than what a tiller could interfere with, but apparently close to the house (at least in our case), they come up closer to the surface.

    Can’t wait to see the finished result; I’m formulating plans for my tiny garden now. Radishes and peas are getting planted next week.

  2. April says

    Oh no! I bought the SFG book today. LOL Was it mainly the watering that you didn’t care for?

    Good luck with your new garden, looks like a great spot!

  3. Ann says

    I highly recommend laying down some sort of barrier over your lawn to keep the grass from sprouting through. I install a lot of garden beds and usually turn the sod so the green side is down and/or lay old cardboard boxes / sections of newspapers / burlap sacks down before adding soil and compost. The cardboard will eventually break down and let roots through.

    Regular reader, first time poster!

  4. says

    Duhh…I didn’t think about Miss Utility! Liz is right.
    Be careful with those bulbs. I am all about a creative mix in the garden but bulbs will take over. Consider planting them in pots and then plant the pots. After 4 years in my garden I finally added some day lilies….I chose the spot b/c it is close to the fig tree (I won’t be temted to dig around as the roots are expanding) and next to the castor beans (they will reseed in their area and come back in a little grove).
    Have Fun…your going to love your new garden!!!

  5. says

    Hi! I’ve been a follower of you blog from some time now…I wanted to let you know I jumped on the bandwagon and started my own blog. I’d love it if you checked it out and let me know your thoughts? Thanks! Take care!

  6. says

    Wow, I wish it was Spring here already, but Montreal has at least another month of snow and cold before we can expect any warm weather. At least I have a new house with no gardens, so I can start planning for that :)