Stitches East 2008

Stitches East 2008

Behold the Colinette empire! Tasha and I went up to the Stitches East marketplace Saturday in Baltimore. We went to pet the yarn and do a few interviews for our podcast, which I hope to have up later in the week.

Stitches East 2008

One of my favorite booths was BagSmith. The owner, Becca Smith, is also the author of Big Stitch Knitting. Here’s her mom, knitting with the humongous knitting needles they had for sale. They had some that looked like baseball bats (size 50!).

Stitches East 2008

The booth had some awesome knitted rugs, tapestries, beanbag chairs, and garments. I loved the colors used and the idea of stashbusting by knitting super big projects and holding together multiple yarns, which is the topic of her book.

Stitches East 2008 Stitches East 2008

There was so much fabulous yarn and fiber. I don’t do well in these environments. I become overwhelmed, scared I’ll buy the wrong thing and then find something more fabulous I should have spent money on instead, and end up buying nothing! Agh! Luckily I was on a mission for some gray alpaca yarn to make Jimmy a hat, which I did find. Bought it from a couple who has a small family alpaca farm, it’s incredibly soft. I also got some sock yarn and a skein of bulky yarn from Storm Moon Knits, who has the best colorway names, seriously. (Thanks Jimmy for the yarn $.)

Stitches East 2008

One of the many gorgeous yarn displays.

Me & Tasha

Here are Tasha & me with our super cool press passes (glad she hooked this up because photos weren’t allowed otherwise)! Even though the fashion show was really disappointing, overall it was a fun little road trip, and we spent Friday night at my friend Flissy’s house, so it was nice to catch up with her too! More photos on my flickr.

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  1. The colors are so vibrant and beautiful. I would have been overwhelmed, too. Love that rug under the feet of Becca Smith’s mom.

  2. this looks like a dream!

  3. Goodness Gracious…I am sure ya’ll were like kids in a candy store. I am the same way with not knowing what to buy and coming home with nothing. It’s good that most folks have web sites so you can take a card and buy later, since you had seen it live you’d know what you were getting. I was also going to comment on the rug and someone beat me to it. :o)

  4. Thanks for the great photo of Mom and your enthusiastic comments. We had a great show and love the Stitches crowd.

  5. I loved those ladies at Big Knits! They seemed like so much fun and their work was great!

    Thanks for hanging with me! I had a blast!

  6. Wow that show looks like yarn heaven! Looking forward to your next podcast, I really enjoy listening to them all. Niki xxx

  7. How amazing, look at all the colors.

    I wish I could adopt that lady as my granny.

    P.s. you look fabulous! I love your bob.

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