Workin’ Knit

workin' knit

I am gearing up for my first contest entry over at Pattern Review. The Mini Wardrobe contest for August is a 3-3-4 contest. The challenge:

This is a contest to create a 4-piece wardrobe in 4 weeks. You will determine what clothing pieces you use in your wardrobe.

The catch is you must include (at least):
- 3 different types of garments
- 3 different colors in the wardrobe and they must combine to make
- 4 distinct, different outfits.

All pieces must coordinate with each other. There are a few other rules but that’s the basics. I would never expect to win, but I’m kind of excited about this! I have already made a wearable muslin of the pants and the crossover top (pics soon). I love the title I came up with. Say it out loud… sounds like workin’ it. Haha. Wish me luck, I hope I get them all done!

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  1. I wish you loads of luck and I can’t wait to see the final products!

  2. Good luck! Sounds fun (and kind of nerve-wracking)!

  3. I hope you win! Sounds like fun.

  4. LOL @ Workin’ Knit, very cute.

    Good luck!

  5. I may have to steal them there pants missy.

  6. This looks amazing! I wish you luck and I can’t wait to see what you do. Gosh, I know nothing about sewing…

  7. Aw so nice, they named a print after me ;)