Save the date cards

Save the Date cards

Remember these? I’ve sent out almost all of them and I’m getting some awesome feedback, people love em! Thought you guys might want to see them up close. Here’s what the photobooth strip looks like:

Save the Date

Photos by the amazing Nicole and design by the fantastic Cassie, who is doing a ton of designery stuff for the wedding so I don’t drive myself insane. I like playing art director, ha. You guys like em?


  1. says

    Greatest idea EVER! they look really great.

    I remember people doing stuff like this around the time of my wedding and they ended up looking cheap. Yours look amazing.

  2. says

    I’m a new vistor (found you when I searched for reviews for the latest Morrissey tour) but I had to tell you that a, this site rules. And b, those are the coolest wedding cards I have ever seen. Awesome.

  3. Deva says

    Love them :D It is like a little piece of art for my fridge. You guys are so cute, I can’t stand it.

  4. Annie says

    I was going to call you today and tell you how awesome it looks. We have someone else’s save the date on our fridge too and yours looks about 900x cooler.

  5. says

    These are great and so full of humour! I love it when people don’t take themselves and their wedding too seriously ;)

    I’m not doing save the date cards for our wedding, there’s no real need because our family are all within an hour or two of us.

  6. says

    This is an amazing Save The Date idea! We went away to the Bahamas :) Perhaps a one-year anniversary type thing with a photo on it. Hehe. Super cute!


  7. says

    Thanks everyone! We won’t be using the photobooth theme for the invites but they will be super fun and colorful too. We may rent a photobooth for the reception though!

  8. asbeautyfaded says

    Those cards are awesome. If I ever get married I will have to remember those. Awesome date btw.

  9. Lisa says

    As always, you ROCK, girl! Great pictures, great card…your wedding AND marriage are going to be soooo much fun.

  10. Charmaine says

    Ditto on all of the above…but I’ve to to go back to your archives…you guys are getting married! Congrats!

  11. says

    They look so great, Amber. I admit I got a sneak peak a couple of weeks ago, after I dropped by Cassie’s house and she happened to be working on them. You and Jimmy seem like such a fun couple. The cards really evoke a fun loving and lighthearted feeling- good job!

  12. says

    These are stunning. I love the red and blue combo and the black background is a great choice.

    I just stumbled upon your blog today. You definitely have a new subscriber. :)

  13. says

    A friend of ours took the photos. Then we picked the four we liked. Another friend put them together in the photobooth format in photoshop, and took the color out except for the letters. That’s it!

  14. Veritas says

    I’m a new visitor, I stumbled upon your site by searching for info on Craft Mafia. I have to say, you completely inspire me!

    These cards are so awesome! What is the black background made of?


  15. Just Me says

    Those are the most AMAZING save the date cards I’ve EVER seen (sorry for the caps, but I love fun stuff and unfortunately I seemed to miss out on the creativity boat :-S )

    I’m not sure if It’s something your friends do for fun or work… if for work… what are their general rates?