The Craft Room

So busy this weekend! Got some knitting done, some cleaning done, and tons of organization in the warzone that was the craft room.

**Click on any of the pictures in this post to go over to Flickr and see notes of what those things are and where I got em.**

At some point I had a video on my camera showing the wasteland that used to be the craft room, but it seems to have disappeared. Probably for the best, I don’t want y’all thinking I live in filth all the time (only half the time). First thing I had to do was clean up all the garbage left in the wake of me frantically preparing for Pile of Craft. After doing that and ironing about a mile of wrinkly fabric that needed to be put away, I got to hanging and prettying it up. I got these two little shelves on sale a while back from West Elm.

Here’s the section of the room that makes me feel all yummy inside, the stash corner. The white bookshelf is from IKEA, and you can buy the shelf inserts separately to make the compartments. I thought it would be perfect for my somewhat pathetic yarn stash, although it does cut the depth of the shelf about in half.

I also have ribbons, notions, buttons, glue, brushes and other stuff on these shelves. My straight knitting needles are all in a roll that sits on top of the shelf, and the circulars are in a basket until I can come up with something better.

Here are the curtains I made, just a really simple half-curtain (I do not know the technical terminology for curtains so that’s probably a word I made up just now). The fabric is from Reprodepot and it’s expensive but I knew I wanted it for this and got it 25% off. Yay. Those paper lantern string lights have flamingos on them and were in the $1 section at Target.

Here’s my sewing area. The table and chair are from IKEA. The lamp was getting thrown away at my work so I rescued it. I love it cause it swivels to the left so I can have a light above my cutting table as well. The sewing machine is a Bernette 60 I got off Craigslist. The cute vintage paper lanterns on the ceiling were a gift from Amanda.

I got this mirror in a craft swap a long time ago, I just love it and I’m so glad it finally has a place.

These “artlines” are something I had in my head for a long time, but on my last shopping trip to IKEA, finally became a reality. These are actually curtain wires (DEKA) and I thought they’d be perfect to hang snapshots, postcards and rotating artwork that I don’t want to frame but that I do want displayed. I’d like to grab three or four more of these and take them all the way up the wall.

Just love the way these look.

Here’s my cutting table, which is actually a regular old drafting table that I put at maximum height and flattened out. The huge cutting mat was being thrown away at my work as well. It’s got a few gouges but is more than good enough for me! That hanging thing holds a tealight candle.

I also have a closet in the room for storage, which is where I keep my bins of fabric, lip balm making stuff, packaging stuff, and miscellaneous supplies.

I’m so glad I finally got everything organized. Just walking in the craft room now makes me smile, and I can’t wait to get in there and create something!


  1. Celeste says

    When you put a half curtain across the bottom of a window, then it’s called a cafe curtain (usually rings hold it on a rod). But I haven’t heard of using it across the top so I don’t know if there is even a name for that. You should invent one! :o)

    I love your wall color. Do you remember the name or where you got it? I can’t wait to have a craft room again; mine became our daughter’s room. I definitely want some shade of aqua/robin’s egg for the walls, though. It’s a color that just really feels creative to me.

  2. says

    The paint is from Lowes, it’s American Tradition brand. I will look up the color and get back to you on that!

  3. says

    pretty! and the curtain wire/clip thing is exactly what I had in mind for displaying holiday cards, but didn’t know where to find such creatures. Thanks for providing some light!

  4. says

    hey amber! Looks great! I love the Tiffany box wall color and all of your clever ideas. That frame with the photos on it is such a fun idea!


  5. says

    I love it all but agree that the wall color is just gorgeous! I’d definitely want to spend a lot of time there!

  6. says

    Look it’s Elvis again! :-) Seriously – I’m envious. Everything looks so cute in its own little space.

  7. says

    That room is to die for. I think you could probably gain an interior design clientele from your blog. :) I’m envious of your dedication to craftiness…keep it up!

    And I think that color is the same as my kitchen!

  8. says

    Watch your back – that wall color alone could inspire homicidal jealousy. Throw in the curtains and the glass jars of bright colored things, and I’m feeling so much love-hate for you right now.

  9. lsaspacey says

    You should send that DEKA picture hanger to IKEAHacker. I have those too, (bought 10 years ago!)to put up curtains in the living room. One day, one day…

  10. says

    i love your house. i’m in the process of purchasing my first home (a fixer-uppper as well), and i can’t wait to dig in :P i just hope i can do as well as you have.

  11. says

    hey there, amber!

    just saw you from over Craft Magazine’s blog. you’re a superstar!!

    your room is AMAZING! can’t even tell you how jealous i am!!

  12. DawnMarie says

    How cool. A room for you to go and escape the world and be able to play. I love the color on the walls. I love everything about this room. This makes me want a craft room and I don’t even “craft” anything.

  13. says

    The wall color is fantastic, but so is the kitchen color and all your storage containers are so cheerful! I want all these colors!

  14. says

    The room is looking great! It will be an inspiration for many people (like me) to get started on their mess in the room! :)

  15. says

    Your craft room is so amazing!! Im uterly jealous!! I wish I could create a painting studio half as bright and exciting.

  16. says

    Those “art lines” are happening for real! We are in the process of converting our “cr@p room” into a “crop room”, and that idea will be stolen big time. Thanks for sharing!

  17. says

    Hi Amber, I’m here from your Ravelry profile. I LOVE your redo. Could you PLEASE come to KC and redo my sewing/craft room? :) Seriously, your redo is fabulous and looks like a wonderful environment for inspiration AND work!

  18. says

    LOOOOOVE your room! When I move back to DC, will you come up and help me organize mine? Assuming I can afford such luxuries as craft rooms. ;)

  19. Trueblu says

    I LOVE your room, please just tell me what is the name of the bookcase that you got from Ikea and also the name of the insert, I have to get organized. You have inspired me.Thanx a bunch.

  20. says

    I love the curtain wire idea!!! My bf and I are finally going to have a work space again (he is a graphic designer and animator) I would love to run some on one of the walls once we get things together (after the current roomie moves out at the end of the month). Ikea is only 15 min away too.